In order to expedite your vehicle purchase at 3rd Avenue Auto Sales, please be sure to bring all of the following items with you.

  1. Two Paycheck Stubs or Bank Statements or Job Letter within the last 30 Days
  2. One Proof of Residence – Telephone, Water, G&E, Cable Bill or Junk mail
  3. Six References – Names, Phone Number, House Number, Street Name, City, State, Zip
  4. Full Coverage Insurance – 500/500 Max. Deductible
  5. Valid Drivers License
  6. Down Payment Money, or Trade-In Title

3rd Avenue Auto Sales

Quality used cars


Financing easy as 1,2,3

Approvals take 2 hours or less (during business hours) if for some reason you haven’t heard from us please MESSAGE US IMMEDIATELY 

WE SAY YES. We are a locally owned family owned veteran owned business. We appreciate all of our customers and strive to provide the highest quality vehicles at the most competitive prices and we are proud of the fact that we get 99% of our customers approved!  Most of our lending-partners finance your future, not your past!

We look forward to watching you drive away in your new car!
Scott Landers, Owner

619 3rd Ave, Chesapeake, OH, 45619